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EB Xiaohu Dai




Dr. Xiaohu Dai
Tongji University, China


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Environmental Risk Assessment of 20 Human Use Antibiotics in Surface Water and Urban Wastewater

Antibiotic consumption has received a lot of attention in the media in the last several years due to the increasing numbers of diseases and infections becoming resistant to traditional treatments for both humans and animals. Because they are excreted unchanged via urine and/or feces into domestic sewage, and consequently discharged to receiving waters in the effluents of urban wastewater treatment plants (UWTPs).


Factor analysis to assess pollutant source apportionment and to investigate the relationship between catchment attributes and instream water qualityy

The EU Water Framework Directive (WFD EC60/2000) requires that quality-flow compliance at a particular surface-water reach entail consideration of all upstream inputs, including contaminated land and groundwater contributions. Multivariate statistical techniques may improve our understanding of the pollutant sources affecting river quality.


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